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Traffic tickets and your N-400 naturalization application

Read the comments in any N-400 video and you’ll see that traffic tickets are probably the most common questions asked. Do I have to declare all my traffic tickets? How do I declare them? What happens if I forget a ticket? In this video we’ll review (a) how the N-400 [...]

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The N-400, US Citizenship and Dual Nationality – Is it Allowed?

You want to become a US citizen, but are you worried that upon naturalization, you’ll lose the citizenship and the passport from your native country? That’s a very valid concern because the reality is that the passports of many other countries will allow you greater freedom of travel and may even [...]

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Should you renew your expiring or expired green card before applying for naturalization?

One of the most common questions I get from clients is whether they need to renew their expiring permanent resident cards before filing for naturalization. Like everything immigration, there’s no simple YES or NO answer. In reality, that simple question consists of two different questions with two different answers. The first question is whether [...]

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Sugerencias para su caso naturalizacion

Hoy te ofrezco sugerencias adquiridas durante los últimos 23 años y cientos de entrevistas de naturalización. No te explico cómo llenar tu solicitud o a donde enviarla o cuanto pagar. Mejor aún, hoy explico lo que el Servicio de Inmigración no te explicará. Aquí también están los enlaces para las 100 preguntas de [...]

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¿Qué puedo hacer si mi peticionario gana muy poco?

Es muy triste ver a clientes--especialmente padres de ciudadanos--que pueden arreglar por medio del ajuste de estatus, pero se han detenido porque el hijo peticionario aun está estudiando y “no gana lo suficiente.” En este video aclaro que un aval, o “co-patrocinador”, o “joint sponsor” también puede firmar el contrato de sostenimiento (“affidavit [...]

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Video (in Spanish): The 10 year and permanent bars for unlawful presence.

In this video I explain, in Spanish, Section 212(a)(9)(C) of the U.S. Immigration and Nationality Act. This law is commonly known as the 3/10/permanent bars for unlawful presence. DISCLAIMER: This explanation is nowhere close to legal advice. It's simply a superficial review of how this law is a trap for the unwary, and anyone who [...]

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Client Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About The Death of DACA

As you already know, the post-Obama administration abruptly terminated DACA on September 5, 2017. Rather than review how the Department of Homeland Security will phase out DACA (a process detailed in their own FAQs), I rather address some of our Dreamers’ concerns as expressed to us during real consultations. Q1: Will USCIS share my information [...]

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Passport Requirements for US Citizens

The elections are over, Christmas is fast approaching and it's time to plan your year-end vacations. While you choose your destination (Canada? Cancun? The Amalfi Coast? Montevideo?), remember that you’ll need the following documents to return to the U.S.: US Citizens: If you fly (no matter your age) you'll need a passport. If you return [...]

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