Understanding the IDENT Biometrics Identification System

Accurate information about an alien’s entries and departures and past unlawful presence is critical in the preparation of today’s immigration case. Prior to 1998 we relied on the FBI’s central fingerprints database to find a person’s encounters with our immigration authorities. Now, however, such reliance is misplaced because since 1997, the Department of Homeland Security [...]

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Free Presentation – New Visa Bulletin

Francisco never bothered to learn the intricacies of the Visa Bulletin, and when it was his turn to apply for the green card, he completely missed the opportunity. And today, Francisco is still undocumented. Patricia, on the other hand, learned to read the Visa Bulletin. She checked frequently, and when it was her turn, she [...]

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Provisional Waivers Two Years Later

Today we’ll look at the provisional waiver program (the so called “Form I-601A”) and how it fares on its second anniversary. What is the provisional waiver? The provisional waiver is an alternative to the waiver for unlawful presence that an immigrant normally requests after an interview at a U.S. consulate (i.e. in another country.) It’s [...]

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The 10-Year Bar and the Waiver for Unlawful Presence

Most of my consultations nowadays involve the 10-year bar for unlawful presence and the necessary waiver application. Below is a greatly simplified explanation of a very complicated issue. As in everything immigration, the law implementing the 10-year bar includes exceptions, and exceptions to those exceptions. That’s why it’s imperative for you not to self-diagnose. It's [...]

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Free Saturday Morning Immigration Seminars

At your civic or church group: José Pineda, the founder and principal of the Pineda Law Firm, is available to speak to your Civic or Church group who may be interested about the Executive Action for Immigrants announced by President Obama on November 20, 2014, or about any other immigration topic your group or congregation [...]

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Teleconference after the President’s Address

Tonight, at 8:00 p.m., Thursday November 20, 2014, we'll host a questions and answers teleconference to discuss President Obama's announcement of executive action to extend protection to maybe millions of undocumented persons. To participate in this teleconference, please dial 1-860-970-0010, then when prompted enter the conference number (831-946-341) followed by a “#”. Again, we'll start [...]

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Un Dia de Miedo

Este dos de Noviembre Es un día de miedo La calaca anda libre Pa' poner a alguien de duelo. En la oficina del Licenciado Pineda, La flaca busca su victima Va a buscar a unas muchachas Pa’ que le toquen las maracas. Entre número, y cobranza, Se topa con Maria Con pico, pala y laza [...]

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Las Malas Lenguas

Lo dicen las malas lenguas no me lo quieras creer pero la huesuda está triste y nadie sabe por qué! La migra se la llevó en medio de una redada por más que se resistió a México fue deportada. Unos dicen que entró con visa y otros dicen que no. Pero lo que sí es [...]

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The Five Most Common Myths About VAWA Self-Petitions

Note: This article is about the VAWA self-petition for battered spouses, and not about the U-visa for victims of certain violent crimes. This article is based on the countless consultations with battered spouses and numerous presentations on the immigration options for victims of domestic violence I’ve done over the years. These are what I think [...]

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