Advance parole stampThe DACA advance parole document (better known as a “travel permit”) is a one-use document. I know it’s obvious, but after you use it once, you’ll be tempted to use it the same document again. Why? Because on your return to the US, the immigration inspector will stamp it with “paroled until” seal good for one year. That seal doesn’t mean that you can use that document during that year. As a matter of fact, that date means nothing to DACA recipients. Ignore it altogether and apply for a new travel permit if you need to travel outside of the US again.

And yes, I know of at least one case where the young person used logic (unforgivable in immigration cases), reasoned that he was paroled for a whole year, travelled again and tried to return with the same document. The last I heard he was stuck in his country because he doesn’t have a valid parole document anymore.