In this page you’ll find all the information we have about the DREAM Act and the deferred action initiative announced by the President Obama administration on June 15, 2012. You may also want to follow in Facebook to stay abreast of all developments you need to know. The link to Facebook is on the sidebar.

Finally, if you consulted with us about the DREAM deferred action program, please notify us if you change your phone number. We’ll call you when it’s time to apply!

09/13/2012: OK, so you’re about to receive your Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) work permit. Now what? Once you receive the work permit, then immediately visit your local Social Security office and request a social security number. SSA has kindly posted instructions on how to apply for a SSN under DACA.

08/05/2012: Come and meet me next Sunday, August 12, 2o12, at the Iglesia Apostolica in Arlington, TX, for a town hall meeting on DREAM Deferred Action. We’ll review all the requirements in as much detail as you wish, and I’ll take your questions after the presentation. The address is 2300 E. Park Row Dr, Arlington, Texas 76010.

08/04/2012: The blog entry What you need to know about DREAM Deferred Action and Crimes has been updated with yesterday’s updated definition of “significant misdemeanor”, and I also translated it to Spanish as Lo que Necesita Usted Saber Acerca de los Crímenes y La Acción Diferida.

08/03/2012: Here’s a link (in Facebook) to my notes of today’s teleconference with Director Mayorkas of USCIS regarding the upcoming implementation of deferred action. The director also announced a new FAQ at the USCIS website:

08/02/2012: Hold on to your money and don’t rush to get a passport. I’m hearing through consultations of DREAMers who have already retained “infomercial attorneys” for $1000 and more, and of many DREAMers who are flocking to their consulates to get passports. There’s no need for either yet. Handing over your money to anyone at this stage is foolish because there’s absolutely nothing useful that can be done before USCIS announces the program’s regulations. It’s the same with an expensive passport. We don’t even know if you’ll need one yet. So, hold on to your money and wait for the USCIS announcement before you hire an attorney and obtain a passport.

07/03/2012: If you’re facing removal but believe you meet all the DREAM deferred action eligibility criteria, please immediately contact either an immigration attorney (preferred), or ICE’s 24/7 Law Enforcement Support Center’s hotline at 1-855-448-6903, or ICE’s Office of the Public Advocate hotline at 1-888-351-4024.

Facebook: Yesterday (06/29/2012) I participated in a call-in community service program sponsored by Univision 23 about the DREAM deferred action program, and this is a summary of concerns expressed by many callers I spoke with.

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