Getting back to schoolIf you obtained DACA deferred action with a letter showing participation in a GED preparation course, ensure you obtain the actual GED before attempting to renew your deferred action status.

You have no choice. The current DACA FAQs require the completion of the GED before renewing:

“If you are currently in an education program that assists students either in obtaining a high school diploma or its recognized equivalent under state law, or in passing a GED exam or other equivalent state-authorized exam, and your case is deferred by USCIS, in order to have your request for an extension considered, you must show at the time of the request for renewal that you have obtained a high school diploma or its recognized equivalent or that you have passed a GED or other equivalent state-authorized exam.”

The problem we’re seeing is childhood arrivals dropping out of the GED preparation courses and failing to take the GED exam. Such failure will almost certainly disqualify them from future DACA renewals. It’s an “almost certain” disqualification because USCIS has yet to issue detailed renewal instructions. For example, we still don’t know what forms to submit, what evidence–if any–to enclose with the renewal application, or whether the renewal application can be electronically submitted.

For now, though, just make sure you obtained your GED if you applied for DACA with a letter from a GED preparation program.


Image credit: cohdra