“Hello, Good afternoon to all!. About a month ago, I received my permanent residence thanks to the immigration attorney Jose Pineda and his team. They worked so honestly and they were fast, professional and acted with a positive confidence that made us feel comfortable during our case. I am grateful for his help, and I hope you see the great work they do! (Originally in Spanish)”


“I recommend Mr. Jose Pineda as the best immigration lawyer to be a responsible, efficient and loyal person, he doesn’t lie. Who needs his services can trust him” (Originally in Spanish)

Jose C.

“I, Maria, give my testimony that Mr. Jose Pineda is a very good Immigration attorney and offers a great service. Furthermore, his assistants are really nice and explain everything well. Thank you so much” (Originally in Spanish)

Maria G.

“Here in the office of immigration attorney Pineda , employees treat you very well, they are very friendly and attentive. In each of my visits to the office, they explained everything clearly and kindness. I recommend Mr Pineda to all people who have some matter of Immigration” (Originally in Spanish)

Rita S.

“I highly recommend the attorney Jose Pineda and his Firm. Since we started to plan our questions until I got my residence card, the Firm and Mr. Pineda were helpful to the immigration process. My husband and I were working with one of his assistants and she has been a great help. To anyone who is going thru an immigration process and has question of all the steps, I recommend Pineda Law Firm” (Originally in Spanish)

Esly K.

“I am so satisfied with the immigration attorney work. Everything was fast and I will keep recommending his job. Thanks so much” (Originally in Spanish)

Jessica C.

“Doy testimonio que en el bufete del abogado Jose Pineda he sido bien atendida y en todo tiempo han sido muy amables y su trabajo ha sido muy eficiente. Me he sentido muy bien en todo tiempo y hasta puedo decir que muy confortable y protegida. Muchas gracias a todos por su ayuda.”

Blanca J.

“Yo les recomiendo al abogado José Pineda porque es un abogado muy bueno para ayudarte con tu caso de inmigración. Sus asistentes legales son muy buenas y muy bien entrenadas y tuve una buena experiencia. ¡Gracias!”

Maria M.

“I have used the Law Office of Jose A. Pineda for two diffent cases and I have been very happy with their service. By far one of the best, I wouldn’t trust anyone else with either one of my cases. The process was very smooth and the staff is very professional. Thank you so much.”


“I Fernando am so thankful with the attorney Jose Pineda because he has helped me to get my work permit and be able to work without fears. Thanks attorney” (Originally in Spanish)

Fernando G.

“Pineda Law Firm helped me obtain my permanent residency. During our first consult Attorney Jose Pineda answered all of my questions and explained the steps that would be taken on my case. Once my consult was over I felt a great relief and Throughout the  process Jose Pineda and his staff  were available to answer any additional questions I had and also kept me informed on my case status. I am very happy with my choice in seeking Dallas Immigration Attorney Jose Pineda and will recommend his office to my family and friends.”

Refugio J.

“The Pineda Law  Firm represented my husband and I with our immigration case. They were very helpful and explained every step of the process making it easy for us to understand. They were organized and we experienced great service. We were very satisfied with how quick our case was completed and  will gladly recommend Immigration Attorney Jose Pineda to our family and friends.”

Daisy H.

“I would suggest any Immigration Process with the Attorney Jose Pineda for anyone. I unfortunately was not the most involved. My wife, Maria, took care of most of the paper work, phone calls, and meetings. I was present only for the meetings. I don’t have a reason to dislike or say anything bad here. My wife handled most of this without me. I was totally satisfied”

Chris B

“They have excellent staff who will make sure all your paper work is filed. They have really helped us out and it only took me exactly 4 months to get my work permit, which I’m told is super fast. 🙂 My dad is super happy and Ii know we will come back to get my permanent residency and adjust my parents status as well. Once again, thanks you very much.”

Ricardo and Brenda Gonzalez

“The Pineda Law Firm is very organized and professional; they let us know of what we needed before time so there were no surprises. This law firm is flexible and also offered payment plans. I am very satisfied with The Pineda Law Firm and their work.”

Bernardo B.

“Maneje una hora para obtener los servicios de Dallas Abogado de Inmigracion Jose Pineda y valio la pena! El servivio era excelente y todos eran muy servicial y agradable, hicieron el proceso de obtener mi residencia tan facil. Gracias por todo!”

Roberto M.

“Hola mi nombre es Araceli, solo para agradecer al Abogado Jose Pineda y todo su equipo de personal muy eficaz y profesional. Muchas gracias por ayudarme a conseguir mi residencia legal permanente aqui en los Estados Unidos de una forma rapida, segura, profesional y muy atenta. Muchas Grcias, que Dios los bendiga.”


“Pineda Law Firm made me feel really comfortable, they are really professional. Thanks so much to all the team” (Originally in Spanish)

Isabel M.

“Jose Pineda is a very good immigration attorney. He helped me a lot in my case; thanks to him I will get my green card really soon. Furthermore, his work team are very friendly and very good workers.” (Originally in Spanish)

Tania C.

“El servicio obtenido fue y es excelente ya que el abogado y su personal nos hizo sentir muy tranquilos y contestaron todas nuestras dudas desde un principio y no voy a dudar en recomendar al abogado Pineda con todos mis conocidos.  Muchas Gracias”

Sebastian G.
“Para el Licenciado en Leyes de Inmigración José Pineda y todo su personal: muchas gracias por todos sus atenciones y confianza que nos hicieron sentir, no tengo más que agradecimiento por su ayuda en nuestro proceso migratorio”
Claudia R. 10/12/2019, Garland, TX
“Nada más que agradecer al abogado de inmigración José Pineda y a su amable personal por toda su gran ayuda, ya que al día de hoy, ya soy residente legal de los Estados Unidos de América. El es un gran abogado y es 100 % recomendable”
Alberto C 10/12/2019, Garland, TX
“Yo, Elías acabo de terminar mi caso en Pineda Law Firm. Ellos me ayudaron en mi caso que era algo complicado. Se los recomiendo a las personas que quieren arreglar su caso de inmigración. Yo estoy bastante complacido con ellos. ¡Muchas gracias!”.
Elías M. 01/19/2019, Sulphur Springs, TX
“Estamos muy agradecidos por toda la ayuda del abogado José Pineda; siempre hemos contado con su ayuda en cualquier momento que necesitemos. Definitivamente se los recomiendo a toda la gente hispana. ¡Nuestra experiencia ha sido excepcional!”.
María y Juan A. 01/12/2019, Fort Worth, TX

“Yo en lo personal estoy muy contenta y satisfecha con los servicios de inmigración del abogado Pineda. Las asistentes son muy amables, me explicaron muy bien cada detalle del proceso. Gracias por todo. Yo altamente recomiendo al abogado”

María del Carmen L. 01/12/2019, Little Elm, TX

“My husband and I came in with the hope of finally having him legalization this country and Mr Jose Pineda and his staff helped us in every way possible. I’m beyond happy to have chosen such a great attorney. Always Grateful”

Evelyn E. 11/21/2018, Fort Worth, TX

“Estamos bastante satisfechos con el trabajo de la Firma del abogado Pineda y su equipo de trabajo. Todo el proceso de inmigración ha sido excelente. Gracias siempre por estar disponibles para cualquier tipo de pregunta con su respuesta clara. ¡Mucha gracias!”

Enedina y Dennis A. 01/09/2019, Fort Worth, TX
“As a client from the Pineda Law Firm I have been satisfied with their service. They’d do their best to help. Thank you for all ya do”
Ana R. 09/18/2018, Mesquite, TX
“Estamos muy contentos y agradecidos de haber contado con los servicios del abogado de inmigración José Pineda, les damos las gracias por toda la ayuda que nos brindaron en nuestro caso”.
Alberto y Olga V. 01/02/2019, Terrell, TX
“I was very happy that my wife has her visa now, and that she can be able to travel to her country to see her families. I thank the immigration attorney Jose Pineda and his staff for all the help and support that it makes it happens. If I had friends and families that would need help on Immigration services, I would definitely recommend PLF to be in help. Thank you so much!”
Arturo C. 08/15/2018, Mesquite, TX


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